Is your website earning its keep?

web development

Bookstores and the Internet are full of great technical references for building web sites. These tools can show you how to make your web site look like anything you want it to look like.


What they don't show you is how it should work.


Constructed properly, your small business web site is a major player in your organization -- it can bring you new customers, lower your support costs, collect payments and even deliver your product (if your product is in digital form). Unfortunately, many if not most web sites fail to deliver. At best, most small business web sites deliver a mediocre amount of revenue or cost savings. At worst, they're an embarrassment that does not bring in customers (or even drives them off!), while consuming development and hosting costs.


This site is aimed at the web site owner. Whether you're planning a new site, or tuning up an existing one, developing it yourself, or hiring it done, there are some things that you need to know in order to end up with a web site that performs as well as it should.


Insanely Great Sites is here to help. We offer free articles and personal assistance to help you learn how to turn your web site into a strong revenue producer.


Most of our materials do not require that you know HTML or any of the other nuts-and-bolts aspects of building web sites (although we can certainly assist with that too.)


The materials here are aimed at informing the decision maker behind the site. Anyone can build a site that looks good in a web browser - we'll show you how to have one that looks good on the balance sheet, too.