Personal Assistance

Sometimes, you just need help.

If you’re stuck with a problem that you need to talk through with someone, I’ll be happy to assist you. If you have special needs, we can work out an approach that works within them, but here are some “popular” options:

  • “Laser” Coaching We arrange a time to meet on the telephone, and we work through your issues. On most days, if I’m not available immediately (I may be working with another client), I can be available within a few hours. The price for this service is $150 per hour, or portion thereof.
  • Site Partnering – We meet on the telephone once each week at a mutually agreed-upon time, for approximately an hour at a time, and work on solutions for any issues you have. This is probably the most popular approach, as it gives you time to research and make changes between meetings, and we can follow-up and examine their impact on your site. It also works out to be considerably less expensive than the single call approach if you have something that can’t be solved immediately. The price for this service is $450 per month, and it includes up to five e-mail or short (five minute or so) follow-up calls per week.
  • Site Evaluation – You send me an e-mail with information on your site, how to access your site statistics, and any special areas or issues you are concerned about, and I’ll produce a detailed evaluation of your site. This will include any issues that I see are particularly problematic regarding your site’s design, layout or execution, along with my recommendations for how to remedy them. I will e-mail you my findings, and we will arrange a time to meet on the phone for approximately one hour to go over them. The price for this service is $750.

If you’re ready for one of these services, please e-mail me via this web form (this form by-passes my spam filters). If you are interested in site development or web hosting, please drop me an e-mail and we’ll arrange a call to discuss it. You may want to seriously consider doing a site evaluation first, however.

Some general information (just FYI):

Payment – For any of the above services, payment must be made in advance. All prices are in US funds, drawn on a US bank. I can accept your payment via Visa, Mastercard, or American Express, either via a web form or over the phone. If you’d prefer to pay by check or PayPal, please drop me a message, and I’ll be happy to make arrangements.

Phone Calls – If you are in the US or Canada, I’ll be happy to call you for our meeting, at my expense. If you are overseas, e-mail me with your country and city codes — it may still be less expensive for me to phone you than for you to phone me, and I’ll be happy to charge you the rate I’m paying (I have fairly cheap international service, and the dollar isn’t exactly high right now). Alternatively, you may call me if that is more convenient for you.

Missed Calls – I understand that stuff happens sometimes. If you know that you won’t be available at the time we agreed to, please let me know beforehand. Otherwise, I will be calling you or available for our call at the time we agreed upon. If you’re not available, then I’ll be happy to reschedule the first time. Missed calls after the first time around will be charged for.